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There are different types of  CCTV  cameras .It is important to note that  there are cameras that work  by day  and do not see  well at night. A day and night camera works both day and night . Depending on the price which affects  the quality the night function may allow you to see in a poorly lit area or  brightly lit areas at night. The more expensive camera also let you see in total darkness. We have the different types. Many cameras are fixed lens cameras  and fall into this category.

CCTV Cameras carry different sizes of lens .The smaller the lens the wider the area the camera would focus on. So a very wide driveway would need a smaller lens than say a long distance cameras . You cannot have both a long distance of say 100 M and a very wide angle camera in one fixed lens camera.

Technology has however provided a varifocal lens which is better or more versatile that the fixed lens camera  .For a little more investment in money this varifocal  lens camera allows you the owner to adjust the lens to suit your needs and  focus on the area that you want to cover . Aba Trading has a number of varifocal lens camera which you can see work and then order  the ones that suit you. Before you visit us look carefully and measure the areas that you would like to have covered by the cameras.

Cameras have yet more advanced features such as wide dynamic range. This allows you to see the back ground of  a picture in a more graphic way .

Other features include an OSD menu for the more advanced cameras such as the PTZ which is a good investment for any business .Cameras are now necessary for peace of mind and visual control over your business whether you are there or at home or abroad..Through your cameras you can monitor your business or home from anywhere through the internet. PTZ focus on and patrol a wide area and capture images for you . For instance, a big warehouse or yard can be monitored by a PTZ camera.

Contact us for advice if you need cameras and cables and need advice or wish to share your experiences with us .


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