Freeport, Trinidad, West Indies



How to visit our office

You can use both highway and southern Main Road from the North ,  East or  West of  Trinidad.

Get to Grand Bazar

2.  Use the Highway and get off at Chaguanas or Chase Village Flyover.

3. Whilst  travelling on the Highway from Grand Bazar towards Freeport  you to pass Montrose, Charlieville (at Pricesmart)  Chaguanas and Chase Village Flyovers. 

4. After you pass Chase village Flyover you would then reach Freeport  Flyover where you need to come off the highway.

5. Pass the Freeport Police station and travel on the Southern Main Road   to St Mary’s Junction

6. When you reach the  traffic lights  you would see  KFC (which is  next to NP gas station). You would see the Catholic  Church with a big tamarind tree in the yard on  your left  and the Casino on your right.

7. At the traffic light turn left onto the  Southern Main Road .

8. Do not make the mistake of  turning extreme left as that would  take you to  Beaucarro Road .

9. Neither should you turn  right as that would take you back to  Chase Village and Chagauanas .

10. Do not go straight as that would take you to Waterloo by the sea .

11. On the southern Main Road continue about 300 feet on the same southern main road and look on the left side  for the yellow and  blue building .You would see ABA Trading ,a dentist and a Lawyer in the same building.

If you wish to use the  southern Main Road from Chaguanas go towards  Chase Village and then  St Mary’s village .

Call if you have problems :868  673 5282 or 868 374 -7989            

You can use  the Southern Main Road from San Fernando or  Marabella or  Claxton Bay .

If you are in the South of Trinidad get to San Fernando or  Marabella or Claxton Bay  and use the  Southern Main Road to get to Couva  and travel all the way  Northwards  towards   St Mary’s Junction, Carpichaima. 

You would pass places such as Rienzi complex on the left and  Roodal hardware on the right.    

Shortly  after  Roodal Hardware  on the same right  side  you  will see ABA  Trading which is a yellow and  blue building .

If   you reach the NP gas station you have pass us by 300 feet. Turn back . Note this is the longer route and it takes more time than that the highway from  South .

Using the Uriah Butler highway from  South such as San Fernando.

 To reach our place you must get to the nearby Freeport Flyover  which leads to our place .

If  you coming from the South using the Uriah Butler Highway in order to get to Freeport  Flyover you would pass Gasparillo,Forest Park and then Presyal Flyovers and then you would reach Freeport Flyover where you need to get off the Highway .

Get off  Freeport  Flyover and  go West towards the Freeport Police Station .

Pass the  Police station and  travel towards  the  Southern Main Road. Travel  pass the  Freeport Health Centre and reach the Traffic Lights at  St  Mary’s Junction  . There you would see NP  Gas Station and KFC on the right . Turn left onto the main road .Pass the bus shed and about 300 feet you would reach our yellow and blue building  on the left .

Call if you have problems :868 673 5282 or 868 374 -7989


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