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Cable and costs options to hook up your security cameras

There are three basic approaches to hooking up security cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs). You can use premade plug and playSIAMESE cable or you can use bulk RG59 Siamese cable. Both cable types combine a cable for the video and a cable for the power. The third less likely outdated option is to use the very expensive, out of style and untidy way of using RG 59 cable and then have to buy separate power cable. The costs of 500 feet RG alone at our completion is more that twice the costs of 1000 feet of Siamese cables . And when the costs of speaker wire for say 1000 feet - of TT$460.00 is added your costs becomes real high but the quality is not any better than either the bulk Siamese or premade Siamese cables. Cable to cable RG 59 and separate power supply works out at $ 246.00 per foot.   

So you real choice is to either use Bulk RG-59 Siamese CCTV Cable which works out at 57 cents a foot with less labour and tidy situation and mind you the manufacturers only supply industry standard.

Or you do not want to take the hassle of having to buy a whole roll of bulk cables and need just for your camera needs you can resort to premade Siamese cable.

Bulk Siamese Cables

Using RG59 Cable vs. Plug and Play Cable premade cables


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